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Miami Indie Film Awards

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Miami Indie Film Awards seeks to recognize, promote, and award international and U.S. films of all genres from independent filmmakers. The festival intends to support emerging talented filmmakers by creating an online monthly platform for them to compete, receive recognition and succeed in the film industry. 

We understand the process of filmmaking and our team consists of film directors, writers, actors, distributors and professionals working in media. We understand the importance of discovering talented indie filmmakers and we seek to create breakthroughs in the career of talented filmmakers.

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It is with great pleasure for Miami Indie Film Awards to announce the winners on May 12th, 2021.

Best Narrative Feature:

Kaali Maati

Director: Hemantkumar Mahale

Best Director:

Kaali Maati

Director: Hemantkumar Mahale



Best Narrative Short:

Servus Karl

Director: Thomas Bischof


Best Documentary Feature:





Best Documentary short:


The Child Murderess of Vesene

Director: Carl Eneroth


Best Experimental:


To A God Unknown

Director: Samantha Cassella 



Best Cinematography:


Servus Karl

Cinematographer: Judith Stehlik


Best Editor:



Editor: Drew Lahat


Best Actress:


Angel Katherine Taormina


Best Actor:


Shifting Sands

Pat Nolan


Best Unproduced script:


Holiday Help

Writer: Karl Ryan Erikson


Best TV Series/Pilot/Web:

PT: Pain & Torture

Director: Ashley Winters



Best Student Film:


Everything's Fine

Director: Audre Smikle


Best Music Video:


Straight Into The Ocean

Director: Carolyn Laws

Best Trailer:

My Sister Hali

Director Paul Sheriff

Best Horror:

Tom and his Zombie Wife

Director kevin short

Best Thriller:

Director Catherine Dao

Best Tailer

Best First Time Filmmaker:



Director: Neil Myers


Best Female Filmmaker:


The Saints of the Rue Scribe

Director: Angel Katherine Taorm



Best Independent Film:


The Saints of the Rue Scribe

Director: Angel Katherine Taorm